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The First Soul of Venice

The MuN Bag tells one of the most beautiful stories of Venice, that of the master glassmakers who have been shaping glass since 1291. 🕰

The way glass is created and shaped in Murano makes it unique in the world, with priceless value in culture and tradition.

It thus becomes for us like a precious stone

It is enhanced by placing it in the center of our bag, elegant with high quality calf leather.

This bag represents par excellence Venice and the rebirth of Italian craftsmanship. 🇮🇹

Details are important

🪡 Materials and Manufacturing

  • High quality calf leather
  • Unique Murano glass
  • Handmade

👜 Versatility and Uses

A versatile bag, for everyone, with 2 modes of use:

  • Hand Carry
  • Long shoulder strap (double belt)

✏️ Customisation and Uniqueness

The materials, colours and details thanks to the modelling, make the production of Raggio Veneziano unique in the world.

In addition, there is the possibility to add unique customisations to make your MùN Glass even more distinctive.

You can request other colors of the leather and of the glass.

📈 Data Sheet

  • Leather: calf leather, certified quality

  • Magnetic button closure

  • Decoration: Murano glass included

  • Velvet lining

  • Inside zipper pocket

  • Smartphone pocket

  • 1 large detachable shoulder strap cm 120

  • Available sizes:

    H cm.20 - L cm. 24 - P cm. 11

💡 Ideation Process

This New version of the Mùn glass has simple and clean lines.

The New Murano glasses have flat shapes and go well with the band that characterizes the whole new Collection.